Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance (Half Time Teaching Assistantship (HTTA) – [For M.Tech. students (Indian Nationals only)]


Financial assistance in the form of Half-Time Teaching Assistantship (HTTA) at the rate of Rs.12,400/- p.m. (tenable for a maximum period of 24 months) will be awarded to Indian Nationals doing the M.Tech. Programs, subject to Institute rules. Only candidates admitted with GATE qualification (Not coming under Sponsored and Foreign Nationals) are eligible for HTTA. HTTA students are required to assist the Institute’s academic and curricular activities for 8 hours of work per week. These activities could be related to activities such as laboratory demonstration, tutorials, evaluation of assignments, test papers, seminars, research projects, etc.


Scholarships and Freeships 


The Scholarships and Freeships available to M.Sc. students  are as follows:

  • Institute MCM Scholarship for 25% of sanctioned intake/admitted strength which ever is less.
  • Prof. Valsakumar Memorial Scholarships for M.Sc. Physics Students.
  • Merit Award for one student with a certificate of appreciation and Rs. 5000/- prize money.
  • Prof. Valsakumar Merit cum Means Scholarship for one student of Rs.35000/- per semester. In this case,the full tuition fee will be waived and includes a monthly payment  of Rs. 1000/-.