M. Tech Programs

The four semester M.Tech. Programs offered in two Disciplines at the institute are based on the credit system and provide a student with a wide choice of courses. The curricula are drafted carefully to provide the students to realistic Engineering and Technological exposure with strong theoretical foundation. Each program comprises several core and elective courses and project work. The two M.Tech. Programs, beginning in the academic year 2019-20 are as given below.

Table 1: M.Tech Programs

Discipline Specialization Minimum qualification for admission
Civil Engineering Geotechnical Engineering

UG degree in Civil Engineering
GATE qualification for HTTA

Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing &
Materials Engineering
UG degree in Mechanical/ Production Engineering
GATE qualification for HTTA

M.Sc Programs

The post graduate program of M.Sc. in the disciplines of Chemistry and Physics is intended to take the students to a higher and specialized realm in the respective disciplines. IIT Palakkad is a 4-semesters long program. The entry qualifications to the M.Sc. programs of IIT Palakkad are given in Table 2.The carefully chosen curriculum drafted by a team of experts from academia and industries provides for sound theoretical base and ample practical exposure. The curriculum provides for choice of Elective courses and aims at equipping the students to take up careers in industry, in R&D and in academia. In the case of curriculum of M.Sc. (Chemistry) a paradigm shift in treating Chemistry as Structure, Dynamics and Synthesis perceptibly deviating from conventional practices. In the curriculum of M.Sc.(Physics) theoretical  coverage is included along with considerable scope for hands on training.

Table 2. The M.Sc. Programs

Discipline Minimum qualifications for admission
Chemistry JAM (Joint Admission Test for Masters) qualified candidates having Bachelor's degree with Chemistry as a subject for 3 years/ 6 semesters and Mathematics at (10+2) level.
Physics JAM (Joint Admission Test for Masters) qualified candidates having Bachelor's degree with Physics as a subject for at least 2 years / 4 semesters and Mathematics for at least  1 year/ 2 semesters.