M.Tech. in Data Science

M.Techin Data Science is a Masters degree program under the auspices of the Centre of Research and Education in Data Science (CREDS) at IIT Palakkad. A major highlight is that it is interdisciplinary in nature with four engineering streams (CSE, EE, CE, ME) and three science streams (Physics, Mathematics, Humanities & Social Science) participating in the program. The curriculum developed by leading data scientists in the country making it relevant for the current and future requirements of Data Science in the industry as well as in academic research. The Faculty of CREDS comprises young yet experienced researchers in various fields of data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, information theory, and several application areas like climatology, traffic engineering, fluid mechanics, data security, econometrics, linguistics, material science etc.

Students from various backgrounds are admitted to the program. They will go through foundational training, e,g, Linear algebra, Probability, Data Engineering Machine Learning Optimization, in the first semester, with more depth and breadth in various application areas in the following semesters through electives. Higher semester courses include Deep Learning, Big Data Lab, Data Security, Reinforce Learning, Kernel learning, responsible AI, etc. Core courses in the MTech Program will be mainly instructed by faculty members from CSE, MA, and EE.

Students will work on a year-long research or development project with state-of-the-art computational and experimental facilities which will likely lead to publications, patents, products, or software. To achieve expertise in both fields, students will be encouraged to do projects on the application of data science in their areas of specialization. There will be ample opportunities for the graduates of this program after the program whether it be a PhD at overseas top universities or a job within or outside the country. The students will get the opportunity to learn data science in a vibrant ecosystem around the area and actively contributing to the front line research.

Note: Students applying with Physics and Maths Degree must have the proof (certificate) of any Programming course.