M.Tech. in Computing and Mathematics

Computing and Mathematics have been tied together ever since the notion of computability was formalized. Algorithmic procedures accompanied by their well founded mathematical proofs of guarantees are integral components of computational problem solving. The focus of this program is to cover some aspects of this interrelationship between Computing and Mathematics. The program offers a unique mix of computer science courses with supporting mathematics courses that together cover theoretical and practical aspects of computation. The targeted audience come from two backgrounds (1) B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering / Information Technology (2) M.Sc in Mathematics, thus providing an opportunity for diverse peer learning to the students.

The objective of the program is to train students in areas which are integral to both Computing and Mathematics. To facilitate this goal, the first semester will comprise an appropriate set of bridge courses for the students depending on their background. That is, M.Sc Mathematics students will be trained in certain basic core courses from computer science and B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering students will be trained in some core mathematics courses. This would make the advanced elective courses offered in both the domains accessible to all students in the subsequent semesters.

Major areas include Algorithms, Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Logic, Programming Languages, Computational Methods, Foundations of Data Science & Machine learning, Probability & Statistics and Linear Algebra. The program culminates with a year long Project/Dissertation in the second year, that prepares students to pursue careers that require innovations involving sophisticated applications of mathematics in computer science.